Mijas, Spain

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The beautiful little village of Mijas, which nestles comfortably in the mountainside at 428 meters above sea level is one of the jewels of the Costa del Sol. It is a superb choice for either holiday or full time living. Many artists and writers have made it their home, enjoying the benefits of an excellent all year round climate, without being part of the busier, more commercial coastal towns just 7 kilometers down the mountain side. Despite its huge popularity with tourists, Mijas has somehow managed to retain much of its traditional Andalucian way of life, the locals displaying their unabashed passion for all things festive and an unmistakable relaxed 'mañana' outlook on anything that can be put off for another day.

Mijas, Spain Mijas, Spain

Within Mijas there are so many beautiful streets that have to be seen, it would be unfair to mention any one of them. Tiny shops line most of them, all brimming with the local wares such as ceramics and leatherwork, jewellery and paintings.

Craft Shops in Mijas, Spain Craft Shops in Mijas, Spain

One of the best ways to see the village is by means of the local taxi service, being a quaint, typical Spanish donkey service – so called “burro-taxi”.

Burro Taxi/Donkey Taxi/ in Mijas, Spain Burro Taxi/Donkey Taxi/ in Mijas, Spain

The village is split into several levels, each being connected by narrow roads and wonderful walkways.

Plaza de la Constitucion/Constitucion Place/ in Mijas, Spain La Plaza de la Constitucion is in the heart of the village and in the centre of the square is a beautiful fountain from which the birds drink. This fountain was carved by Galiano. The square is surrounded by cafes and shops.
Plaza de la Paz(Peace Square) keeps up to its name as you sit in one of the street bars and soak up the atmosphere. Plaza de la Paz/Peace Square/ in Mijas, Spain
The Bullring in Mijas, Spain One of the main attractions is the village bullring which strangely enough is of oval construction, opened in 1900 and still providing entertainment in the form of bullfights and horse displays to this day.

Getting into the bullring, initially you will get into a beautiful garden with ancient relics and the bullring history exhibition.
Next to the bullring is located the Major Church – Iglesia Parroquial de la Inmaculada Concepcion, built in Mozarabic style. Iglesia Parroquial de la Inmaculada Concepcion/Major Church/ in Mijas, Spain
Bullfight Museum in Mijas, Spain The bullfight museum is dedicated to the history of bullfighting.
If you arrive by coach, the coach park is in the middle of the village and you will need to climb the steps to the main town and Main Square - Plaza Virgen de la Pena. The Main Square in Mijas, Spain

From the Main Square, if you face South-East, you will notice the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Pena – the patroness of the village.
According to a legend, the image of the Virgin has been concealed for eight centuries, until 1586, when a pigeon led two shepherds to her. Excavation works on the Sanctuary started in 1656 and nowadays it is an object of pilgrimage.

Virgen de la Pena in Mijas, Spain Virgen de la Pena in Mijas, Spain

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Mijas, Spain

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