Ammouliani Island, Greece

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Ammouliani Island

Ammouliani Island, Greece Stunning sandy beaches, a crystal blue Sea, lots of bays, intense underwater life, challenging those who love underwater fishing and diving, small fish restaurants, charming hotels, friendly people…It looks like the time has stopped…Where is this place? Ammouliani Island.

The only inhabited island of Central Macedonia with a permanent population of 600 people, just two nautical
miles from Tripiti in the Gulf of Mount Athos. Ammouliani Island abstains 130 kilometers from Thessaloniki, connected by ferryboat to the opposite coast of Tripiti. The Island is not really high on the wish list of the frequent island hopper, since there are no other islands to combine it with. It is the only island of ant size near the coast of Halkidiki, but once visited, it will remain into your heart forever.

The island extends over approximately 4.5 square km. Hills alternate small valleys on the surface, which is
verdant with olive trees and low vegetation. There is no regular cultivation on the island, and for this
reason, the ecosystem remains unspoiled. The coast is forming bays with sandy beaches.

Until 1925 Ammouliani Island was a Monastery Property (in Greek the word Metochi - Metoxi) of the Monastery Vatopaidi in Aghion Oros, where 2-3 monks with the help of 20 workers administer the land properties. Their main occupation was farming and olive gathering. At the beginning of 1925 the island rights were vested to Greek immigrants from the seaside of Anatolia in Turkey and particularly from the islands of Proponde (Galimi - Pasalimani - Skoupia).
Ammouliani Island, Greece
Ammouliani Island, Greece Ammouliani Island, Greece

 About Vatopaidi Monastery: From Byzantine times onwards it had a large number of metochia beyond the boundaries of the Holy Mountain in the Balkan region. In this way it met the needs of its large community and at the same time was in a position to make its contribution to national and philanthropic causes. Its metochia abroad were confiscated by the governments of the states where they were situated, and mostly on Greek territory (for example, those in Halkidiki, Ouranoupoli, Ammouliani, Nea Roda and Souflar) were given away free to shelter and provide a living for refugees from Asia. Today the Monastery still possesses the metoch of St Nicholas on Vistonida lake, that of St Phocas in Halkidiki, and one the island of Samos.

Ammouliani Island, Greece Ammouliani Island, Greece

Coming from territories neighboring to Constantinople(Istanbul), immigrants brought the culture of their previous settlements. They worked as fishermen and in a short period of time they achieved distinctions in their specific sector. There is an old Myth which says that third peninsula of Halkidiki is so fertile because God touched it with his finger. Now you can still see many small gorgeous houses, all in flowers in front.

Ammouliani Island, Greece - Agios Nikolaos Church Ammouliani Island, Greece - Agios Nikolaos Church

Agios Nikolaos is the patron saint of the island, whose church was built on the central square in 1896. Around it, there are 19th century monastic buildings, the biggest of which houses the school today.

Ammouliani Island, Greece Ammouliani Island, Greece

Fishing is the main activity in the Island. You can see islanders prepare their trawls and fishing rods every morning at the harbor. And you can taste fresh sea-food every evening in small delightful restaurants.

The Island proposes many pleasures such as “Donkey Taxis”, water skiing, fishing, small motorcycles, boats and yachts for rent.

Ammouliani Island, Greece - a Taxi Ammouliani Island, Greece - Leasure Activities
 Ammouliani Island, Greece - Beaches       Ammouliani Island, Greece - Beaches 

Since Ammouliani Island became an attractive place for tourists, many small hotels and studios have been built and renovated.
With very little luggage, you will find in Ammouliani a heaven on earth and be carefree and relaxed.

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Map of Ammouliani Island, Greece

Ammouliani Island, Greece

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