Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany

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Hohenschwangau Castle

The Castle stands between two beautiful lakes – the Swan Lake and the Alpsee Lake on a wooden hill. Originally it was the seat of the Lords of Schwangau in the 12 th Century.

Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany Initially Ludwig’s father, Maximilian II, bought the ruins and rebuilt them. He wanted the Castle decorated romantically in middle ages style. The designer’s name is Domenic Quaglio. Ludwig spent a large part in Hohenschwangau Castle. This was the place where he firstly came into contact with the saga of the Swan Knight Lohengrin.

The first floor /Entrance Hall, the Chapel, the Hall of the Swan Knight, the Schyren Room, Bertha Room and Burgfrauen Room/ was occupied by Queen Marie, the mother of Ludwig II.
The second floor consists of the apartments of King Maximilian II and the two princes. Here we find the Heroes’ or Kights’ Hall, the Welf Room, the Authary Room, the Study, the Hohenstaufen Room and the Bedroom.

These rooms were later occupied by King Ludwig II. Sadly, photographs are not permitted inside - as is the case with all the Ludwig castles.
Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany

The gardens are not the formal expansive gardens of some of the classical Castle. They seem as though they are an afterthought and look a bit too contemporary. In 2007 the garden was rearranged according to its original state in the 19th century. Ground covers made a nice green wall along the rock foundation of the building.

Hohenschwangau Castle Gardens, Germany Hohenschwangau Castle Gardens, Germany

King Maximilian died in 1864 and his son Ludwig succeeded to the throne, moving into his father’s room in the castle. As Ludwig never married, his mother Marie was able to continue living on her floor. King Ludwig enjoyed living in Hohenschwangau, especially after 1869 when the building of his own castle, Neuschwanstein, began only a stone’s throw from his parental home.

Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany After Ludwig’s death in 1886 Queen Marie was the castle’s only resident until she in turn died in 1889. Her brother-in-law, Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria lived on the 3rd floor of the main building. He was responsible for the electrification in 1905 and the installation of an electric elevator. Luitpold died in 1912 and the palace was opened as a museum during the following year.
During World War I and World War II the castle suffered no damage. In 1923 the Bavarian Landtag recognized the right of the former royal family to reside in the castle. From 1933 to 1939 Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and his family used the castle as their summer residence, and it continues to be a favorite residence of his successors. Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany

Down in the valley is situated the small village of Hohenschwangau. All houses’ facades are nicely decorated.

Hohenschwangau Village, Germany Hohenschwangau Village, Germany

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Map of Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany

Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany

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