Menton, France

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Menton, France Situated near the Italian border 17 miles northeast of Nice and 6 miles northeast of Monte-Carlo,
Menton is reputedly the warmest Summer resort on the French Riviera’s Cote d’Azur, but it is also
a popular Winter resort. The town stands below a rocky amphitheatre, along a wide crescent-shaped
bay that is divided by a spur and bounded to the southwest by Cape Martin. Along the shore lie the
tourists’ quarter with tropical gardens, luxurious hotels, wide promenades and the municipal casino.

An artificial sand beach lies between the old harbour and the newer yacht marina in Garavan Bay.
The narrow, vaulted streets of the old 17th-century section of Menton are cramped together on a narrow promontory above Garavan Bay. The town, which belonged to the counts of Ventimiglia, a noble Genoese family, was purchased in the 14th century by the Grimaldis, lords of Monaco. In 1860, Menton was purchased by France. During the World War II the town was annexed for a short period of time by Italy. Menton has been a popular tourist destination since 19th century when people appreciated the natural beauty and the mild Mediterranean climate of this place.

Menton, France

Old Town Menton  is one of the most colourful and romantic places on the French Riviera. Settled on a hill and along the narrow rue Longue it offers a stunning panoramic view towards the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The impressive towers of the 17th century St. Michael’s basilica built in the Italian Jesuit style are among the most remarkable monument.

Basilique St Michel, Menton, France Basilique St. Michel

From the old harbor, a double staircase, Ramps Chanoine Ortmans, leads up to the square where the Basilica St. Michel stands.
Building began during the Grimaldi reign in the early 1600’s but did not take off until 1640. In 1653 most of the building was completed and the very Italian bell-tower was added during the years 1701-1702.
The lower facade is adorned with four pairs of ionic columns. The central statue housed above the entrance in an arched cove, depicts the archangel Michael triumphantly standing over the devil.
The upper facade, built symmetrically over the lower, sports two pairs of smaller columns that flank a wall of windows.The courtyard itself bears witness to the town’s early history where dark pebbles create a permanent carpet, bordered with the diamond shaped pattern of the Grimaldi coat of arms.
Saint-Michel Archange was proclaimed a Basilica in March 1999, by decree of Pope Jean-Paul II. This title, given for eternity, was in reward for the dynamism of the pastoral life and liturgy of the church.
Menton Russian Church

At the end of the last century, a substantial Russian community existed on the French Riviera.The Menton Orthodox Church was erected on the initiative of the Grand Duchess Anastasia, granddaughter of the Tsar, Nicholas 1st and funded by rich Russian families. The church was designed by Danish architect Tersling and was dedicated to the Holy Virgin and Saint Nicholas.
Russian Church, Menton, France
Port, Menton, France Port, Menton, France

There are two ports in Menton for yachtsmen either stopping over or planning a longer stay.The “Old Port”, which appears protected by the The Bastion and the private port of Garavan, bigger and newer than the former, which is nestled to the east of the bay of the same name, right next to the Italian border.The Public port has 460 moorings in winter and up to 580 moorings in summer and furthermore the charges are the lowest in the department. Garavan port is one of the largest ports on the Cote d’Azur.

Menton Lemon Festival, France Lemon Festival

Sleepy Menton bursts into a riot of colour for this huge citrus-scented celebration. Get your fix of vitamin C as huge constructions made of oranges and lemons sway through the streets every year at the Menton Lemon Festival.Fruity floats depicting everything from Buddhas to coconut groves glide through the neck-craning crowd down the Promenade du Soleil for Sunday’s Parade of Golden Fruit and the eerie Thursday evening Moonlit Parade.
The Gardens of Light in the Jardins Bioves is a spectacular sound and light show that dances around
the orange and lemon statues every Tuesday and Friday evening; and the permanent Citrus Exhibition in the same place is a tour around the cultures of the world through the fantastical fruit statues.
What was once a few carts loaded with orange and lemon trees in the early 1930s has turned into a sprawling citrus carnival attracting more than 200,000 people from across the world.
Menton Lemon Festival, France
Jean Cocteau Мuseum, Menton, France Jean Cocteau Museum

Jean Cocteau created his very own museum in the “Bastion” ( a fort built in the XVII century). Jean Cocteau, painter and poet, became involved in the restoration and decoration of the Bastion, a small fort of the XVII century, in order to convert it into an exhibition place for his work. Drawings, tapestries, watercolours, pastels, ceramics, faiences and mosaics made of pebbles are a memorial of the multifaceted talents of this artist who loved Menton.

Menton attracts the tourists with nice restaurants, good cuisine, nice beaches and attractive building and gardens.
It is “must see” stop for those who value elegance and style...

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Menton, France

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