Etertat, France

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Etretat, France

Etretat is placed  in Upper Normandy and  is considered as one of the most attractive places in Seine-Maritime Department. The village was founded after the Viking invasion and became a fashionable seaside resort. Its cliffs  are well known worldwide – the cliffs have been created over thousand years. Present forms are incredible – you can see arches, steps and sea stacks.
The highest cliffs of Etretat are classified as nation site and reaches 70 meters.

The three rock formations are known as:

- Porte d’Amont (the upstream cliff) – a large rock that juts into the sea;

- Porte d’Aval (the downstream cliff) – arguably the most impressive cliff with its arch and needle;

- Manneporte – featuring a second natural rock arch above the sea. It can not be seen from the town.

Falaise d’Aval, Etretat, France You can reach Falaise d’Aval by 180 steps, but be careful – there are crumbling parts. Remains of bunkers, part of the “Atlantic Wall” could be seen at the right end of the beach – they were built by Germans as part of defensive plan against Allied invasion from Great Britain.

The local plants are small and you can not see any high trees, because the wind is violent and it
dries the soil.

The Elephant and the Hollow Needle

From the top you can see remarkable arch, which form reminds an elephant dipping his trunk unto the sea. Next to it is another miracle – “Hollow Needle” – the novelist Maurice Leblanc made it famous. His character Arsene Lupin/known as the Gentleman Thief/ finds the treasure of the Kings of France here.

The Falaise d’Amont

A steep stairs lead to the top of Falaise d’Amont.

Does not look like a giant bear?

Falaise d’Amont, Etretat, France
 Notre-Dame de la Garde Chapel, Etretat, France

Notre-Dame de la Garde Chapel

A fishermen decided to build a chapel dedicated to the Holy Virgin, their Patron Saint in 1854. The Chappel was blown out by  Nazis in 1942 and it was rebuilt in the early 1950’s.

Another monument, dedicated to aviators Nungesser and Coli stands behind the Chapel. They were the first to attempt the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean without stopping. They departed on the 8th May 1927, but were never seen since.

Etretat is a fantastic place - from the pebble beach and promenade in the town you can further admire the cliffs to either side, then you should take a look in the old market hall on the Place Foch - it has been attractively restored in the medieval wooden structure, although it is more devoted to tourist
shops than fruit and vegetables now.

Etretat, France Etretat, France

The square has some very attractive and interesting Medieval half-timbered buildings around its four sides with elaborate woodcarvings are “must see” site.

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Map of Etretat, France

Etretat, France

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