Dinan, France

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There is a small place in North East Brittany, France which is magical, mystical, very well restored, well preserved – Dinan – a walled medieval town, complete with imposing ramparts, towers and a Castle. You will find here art, history and wonderful buildings.

Dinan, France The half timbered buildings date from the 13th and 14th centuries, the atmospheric town has cobbled rambling streets - all this is carefully restored and preserved. In the old town there are numerous cafes, bars, restaurants and the colourful shops of butchers, bakers and today scented candle-makers.

The magnet to tourists are  shops of florists, artisans, craftsmen and weavers mingle with the ubiquitous gift and post card shops that thrive in any town. Dinan’s population is now around 11,000.
Dinan’s history starts with feuds with England. Notably, the Duke of Lancaster’s invasion of 1357 when the local hero was Bertrand Du Guesclin whose brother Oliver, having been kidnapped, was held to ransom, by his captor an English Knight, one Cambridge. Bernard challenged Cambridge in a one to one combat and won. He continued campaigning for the King of France until he died some 23 years later. His bronze statue commemorates him on that very battleground, the Place du Champs, now less importantly used as a car park, which faces both the Hotel D'Avaugour and the Cantorbury restaurant in the old town. Dinan, France

The 1907 fire caused citizens to become aware of the importance of the preservation of medieval half timbered buildings to Dinan’s heritage. In 1928 was created the first listing of a medieval house in the harbour and it was great foresight to see such early attempts of conservation that deserve congratulation today.

Dinan Old Town, France Dinan Old Town, France
The best from the atmospheric panorama of Dinan
could be seen in Old Town.

Small narrow streets attract the tourists.


The geographical setting of Dinan is exceptional as it most of its urban sites are nestled on the hillside instead of the valley floor. Dinan Old Town, France
River Rance in Dinan, France The area alongside is called  the Port of Dinan, which is connected to the town through the Rue Jerzual steep streets, as Dinan overlooks the River Rance.
The connection is continued to the external walls of the Rue de Petit Fort. Compared to other old or medieval towns in France, Dinan does not boast up with its museums or aquariums packed with local interests. Dinan City Walls, France

The town of Dinan itself is already a star attraction of its own!

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Map of Dinan, France

Dinan, France

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