Cambrai, France

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Nord - Pas de Calais is one of the 27 regions of France and has always been a strategic region. Over the centuries it  has been conquered by the  Celts, the Romans, the Germanic Franks, England, Spanish and Austrian Netherlands and the United Provinces of Holland. In this Issue we will talk about one of the most attractive towns in Nord - Pas de Calais region - Cambrai.

Cambrai, France
Cambrai, France



Cambrai has rich history, it is also the main seat of Roman Catholic Archdiocese, whose jurisdiction was immense during the Middle Ages and also was the Duke of Wellington’s headquarters from 1815 to 1818.




Named as “City of Art and history”, Cambrai presents an architectural inheritance of an exceptional history.
Cambrai origins back to the Gallo-Roman period and started to grow from a rural market into a real city during the Merovingian times. The Middle-Ages corresponds to the gold age of the city.
Cambrai occupied the strategic position as a frontier town between the Kingdom of France and the German Holy Empire. This town served as shelter because of its fortifications. Governed by counts and bishops, Cambrai was powerful and wealthy, so the city became an artistic,intellectual and cultural Center.

Cambrai, France

Cambrai has also been a textile town since the 14th century. It was famous for its fine linen - “Cambric” - used for handkerchiefs and fine underwear. The area still has many textile factories, some with factory shops, where you can pick up household linens, sheets and bedding, towels, bathrobes, socks and nightwear at bargain prices.

Cambrai has had numerous religious buildings, the most attractive one is Cambrai Cathedral. It was built between 1696 and 1703 on the site of a former 11th century building. During the French Revolution the Cathedral was destroyed, but the Abbey Church survived.
The Cathedral is also pilgrimage site because inside the chapel there is a Byzantine-style icon of Our Lady of Grace, which was housed in the original Gothic church.
Cambrai Cathedral, France
Cambrai Town Hall, France Cambrai Town Hall, the building was primarily built in the early 20th century and has been built in such a way as to celebrate the Classical architectural roots of the city. The vast columns in front of the building give it a certain impressive look that is worthy of the towns affluent and prestigious status in the region. Around the belfry there are two figures with hammers in their hands - Martin and Martine, who saved the town.
Saint-Géry church is a beautiful church which houses the wonderful “Entombment” by Rubens. Founded in the 6th century, it is the oldest church of the town. It became the Saint-Aubert Abbey church in the 11th century. Rebuilt between 1697 and 1745, it illustrates two traditional types of architecture: Dutch Baroque and French Classicism. At the transept crossing, a canopy in blue stone is the only one of this kind. During the Revolution, the church was saved from destruction as it was used to store clergy’s goods. Saint Gery Church, Cambrai, France

Cambrai is charming place, worth visiting.

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Cambrai, France

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