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Belgium, Bruges

“Venice of the North” – this is the name Bruges in Belgium is  known among few other canal-based Northern cities. Bruges is   an outstanding example of a medieval historic settlement where  original Gothic constructions form part of the town’s identity. Because of that Bruges is listed in UNESCO World Heritage site.In no other European city are the feel and the look of medieval  times so well presented as in Bruges...

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Cambrai, France

Nord - Pas de Calais is one of the 27 regions of France and has always been a strategic region. Over the centuries it has been conquered by the Celts, the Romans, the Germanic Franks, England, Spanish and Austrian Netherlands and the United Provinces of Holland. In this Issue we will talk about one of the most attractive towns in Nord - Pas de Calais region - Cambrai...

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Dinan, France

There is a small place in North East Brittany, France which is magical, mystical, very well restored, well preserved – Dinan – a walled medieval town, complete with imposing ramparts, towers and a Castle. You will find here art, history and wonderful buildings.The half timbered buildings date from the 13th and 14th centuries, the atmospheric town has cobbled rambling streets - all this is carefully restored and preserved...

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Etretat, France

Etretat is placed  in Upper Normandy and  is considered as one of the most attractive places in Seine-Maritime Department. The village was founded after the Viking invasion and became a fashionable seaside resort. Its cliffs  are well known worldwide – the cliffs have been created over thousand years. Present forms are incredible – you can see arches, steps and sea stacks... 

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Menton, France

Situated near the Italian border 17 miles northeast of Nice and 6 miles northeast of Monte-Carlo, Menton is reputedly the warmest Summer resort on the French Riviera’s Côte d’Azur, but it is also a popular Winter resort. The town stands below a rocky amphitheatre, along a wide crescent-shaped bay that is divided by a spur and bounded to the southwest by Cape Martin...

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Oberammergau, Germany

Oberammergau is located in Bavaria, Southern Germany near the border with Austria. Oberammergau is known for its Passion Play, performed every ten years on years ending in zero. In 1633, the residents vowed that if God spared them from the effects of the bubonic plague ravaging the region, they would produce a play thereafter for all time depicting the life and death of Jesus...

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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cinque Terre are five small villages on the “Costa Ligure of Levante”. The villages from north to south are: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Since 1926 the Cinque Terre towns have been part of the province of La Spezia. This territory was long isolated and the characteristic Ligurian culture has been conserved...

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Parma, Italy

Parma is situated in Emilia-Romagna region, Italy. The word “parma” came to be used in Latin from Etruscans meaning “circular shield”. As part of the Roman Empire it was founded in 183 BC. Because of its location on the Via Emilia, an ancient Roman road, Parma was undoubtedly of strategic importance. Later it was ruled by Milan and France and in 1513 was added to the Papal States by Pope Julius II...

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Portofino, Italy

Portofino is situated in Tigullio Peninsula and is known as the resort of the rich and famous, but there is much more to see than just people. According to Pliny the Elder, Portofino was founded by the Romans and named Portus Delphini, or Port of the Dolphin, because of the large number of dolphins that inhabited the Tigullian Gulf. After 1229 it was part of the Republic of Genoa...

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La Valletta, Malta

The Maltese Islands are positively mythic with Megaliths, medieval dungeons and Calypso's Cave . The narrow streets of their towns and villages are crowded with Renaissance cathedrals and Baroque palaces. As the countryside is dotted with the oldest known human structures in the world, the Islands have rightly been described as an open-air museum. The Maltese archipelago is situated at the centre of the Mediterranean, with Malta 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north of Africa...

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Kotor, Montenegro

Located along one of Montenegro's most beautiful bays is Kotor, a city of traders and famous sailors, with many stories to tell. Founded by the Romans on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro, Kotor converted in the middle Ages into an important commercial and artistic center with its own famous schools of masonry and iconography. Throughout the centuries, many empires battled for control of the city. In the 10 th century it was...

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San Marino


San Marino

San Marino

San Marino is the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world. Its size is just over 61 km2 with an estimated population of over 30000. The capital is the City of San Marino. San Marino has the smallest population of all the members of the Council of Europe. According to the history, Saint Marinus left the island of
Rab/today Croatia/ with his friend Leo and went to Rimini...

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Mijas, Spain

The beautiful little village of Mijas, which nestles comfortably in the mountainside at 428 meters above sea level is one of the jewels of the Costa del Sol. It is a superb choice for either holiday or full time living. Many artists and writers have made it their home, enjoying the benefits of an excellent all year round climate, without being part of the busier, more commercial coastal towns just 7 kilometers down the mountain side... 

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Ronda, Spain Ronda is located in the northwest of the province of Malaga (Andalusia - Spain). The town is situated on a plateau - 750 meters altitude. It is divided into two parts by the famous Tajo de Ronda(Ronda Cliff), a gorge 100 meters deep and about 500 meters long with the River Guadalevín running down. According different sources, the first settlers were the Celts or the Iberians in 6th century BC...

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Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Sidi Bou Said is a lovely town just north of Tunis, located on top of a steep cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. In the 12th century/13th century AD Abou Said ibn Khalef ibn Yahia Ettamini el Beji arrived in the village of Jabal el-Menar and establishes a sanctuary. After his death in 1231, he was buried there. In the 18th century Turkish governors of Tunis and wealthy citizens of the latter built residences in Sidi Bou Said...

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Gibraltar, United Kingdom

A unique place for curious travelers – this is the right definition of Gibraltar, known as “The Rock”, it is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom on the southern coast of Spain at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. The Muslim governor of Tangier, Tariq Ibn Ziyad, landed at Gibraltar to launch the Islamic invasion of the Iberian Peninsula in 711. The Rock(Mountain of Tariq) was named after him - Jabal Tariq and eventually became Gibraltar...

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