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Germany - The Castles Of The Romantic Road



Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany

The Castle stands between two beautiful lakes – the Swan Lake
and the Alpsee Lake on a wooden hill. Originally it was the
seat of the Lords of Schwangau in the 12 th Century.
Initially Ludwig’s father, Maximilian II, bought the ruins
and rebuilt them. He wanted the Castle decorated romantically
in middle ages style. The designer’s name is Domenic Quaglio.
King Ludwig II spent a large part in Hohenschwangau Castle...

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Linderhof Castle, Germany

King Ludwig II of Bavaria decided to build Linderhof Palace in
a rugged mountain region, after one of his visits in Versailles,
Paris. He was impressed by Versailles’ magnificence and started
his plans for the site. Designed by the architect Georg Dollman,
the Palace was built as a monument of Ludwig’s “absolute power”
and was used more as a private retreat than as a representative

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most viited German castles
and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.
Neuschwanstein literally means “New Swan Castle” referring to
“the Swan Knight”, one of the Wagner’s characters. Eduard Riedel,
stage-painter Christian Jank and the architect Georg Dollman
designed the Castle. It is a fantasy, made up of stone. The
palace can be regarded as a typical 19th century architecture...

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